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A New Generation of Television. Ride With Me takes viewers behind the scenes with their favorite celebrity in VIP style. Ride With Me picks up a different celebrity each week in a luxury vehicle. The transportation is profiled as well. Each week Ride With Me may be in NYC in a Maybach with a music artist, in L.A. In a yacht with a sports player, or in London on a private plane with a celebrity during fashion week. Whatever VIP lifestyle they have happening, Ride With Me will catch all of it. This gives the viewers a look at the “real celebrity”. They are able to get comfortable and have a relaxed interview, which is our goal. There is no hectic pace, just 30 minutes of the VIP TREATMENT.


A new generation of television. Sexy In TV is a television show that aired for 2 1/2 years. This show attended concerts, sports competitions, award shows and much more. It was originally created to delve into the lifestyles of various cultures. What does each culture have to offer? Sexy In TV explored Indian, African-American, American, Japanese cultures, and many more. It was all done in a VIP way. Sexy In TV covers Sports, Celebrities, Fashion, Food, and culture in ST. LOUIS, ATLANTA, NEW YORK, AND LONDON.

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